Relationship Essentials


Relationship Essentials

Statistics show that most first marriages end in the early years, between the 5-10 year mark. Having been married 28 years, here are a few things I have found to be essential to a long lasting relationship.

1st essential-Be loving and affectionate every day no matter how you feel. Give verbal affirmations, give emotional support, give compliments, give physical touch-these are all essential to a strong relationship.
2nd essential- Share yourself and how you are feeling on a regular basis in a calm situation-not in the middle of a fight. Be honest in a kind way. Share your truth without blame or accusation.
3rd essential-Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Did I say forgive? For every fault you notice in your spouse, think of one of your own faults. It will keep you humble.
4th essential- Accept there will be conflicts and resolve all conflicts in as short a time as possible. Be sensitive and gentle with words or comments you can’t take back.
5th essential-Talk about money. Get past fear of the conversation about money. Get to know how each other think about it- explore why you have the ideas you do about money. Explore ways to solve money spending and saving differences.
6th essential-Be polite all the time-does that sound elemental?
7th essential-Compromise. Find a way to empower both of you in the decision making process.
8th essential-Serve your spouse. Initiate kind deeds for the person you love, regularly.
9th essential-Take care of yourself in mind, body and spirit-be as great, look as great, act as great as you can every day.
10th essential-Commit to the relationship-sounds like, ‘be polite’ in it’s elemental nature. But the essence is, are you in it for forever?


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